2023 Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Results

Congratulations to all the students (grades 7-12) that participated in the 2023 Hawaii Regional of the National Scholastic Art Exhibition.

The 2023 Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards showcases the exemplary artwork and talent of Hawaii’s students (enrolled in public, charter, private and home school), grades 7-12. Due to the large number of works submitted (2,700 + entries), only those receiving gold and silver keys will be displayed at the Hawaii State Art Museum.

This is a breakdown of awards received by ULS students:

1 American Visions Nominee Award (Under consideration for National Award) (Top Exhibit Award) (Local exhibition)

7 Gold Key Awards (Under consideration for National Awards) (Local exhibition)

8 Silver Key Awards (Selected for the local exhibition)

31 Honorable Mention Awards

American Visions Award Nominee (Will compete for National Awards)

  1. Hane N.,  12 “Seishun no te” Sculpture (Doi)

Gold Key (Will compete for National Awards)

  1. Isabella G.,  8 “Kogne No Nami” Fiberarts (Franklin)
  2. Lawrence H., 12 “Catfish” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  3. Jenna L., 12 “The Day You Died” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  4. Angelina N., 10 “Sooshe” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  5. Hane N., 12 “Seishun no te” Sculpture (Doi)
  6. Peytin S., 10 “Island Life” Sculpture (Doi)
  7. Jersey V., 12 “On To The Next” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)

Silver Key (Local Exhibition)

  1. Ava A., 10 “Kumo” (Spider) Sculpture (Doi)
  2. Olivia C., 11 “Miso Hungry’ Mixed Media (Tancinco)
  3. Cara E., 10 “White Garden“ Fiberarts (Franklin)
  4. An H., 11 “Ba Noi” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  5. Patrick K., 10 “Monkeytime” Sculpture (Doi)
  6. Quincee N., 12 “Crater in the Horizon” Mixed Media (Tancinco)
  7. Hane N., 12 “Phases of the Moon and Sea” Sculpture (Doi)
  8. Aliya Q., 11 “Inside of Hues” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)

Honorable Mention

  1. Natalie C., 9 “Colors Of The Wind” Sculpture (Doi)
  2. Jenesis-Faith DC., 10 “Yet I Grow Wings” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  3. Chris Fang Y., 10 “Kimmi Junniii Unnni” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  4. Chris Fang Y., 10 “Kimu Jimmu Uoon?” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  5. Rachel H., 12 “At The Shore” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  6. An H., 11 “Project: Plushies” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  7. Zachary H., 12 “Shinu” Sculpture (Doi)
  8. Caylee I., 10 “The Rapscallion” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  9. Grace K., 11 “Amber Petals” Drawing & Painting (Katamoto)
  10. Patrick K., 10 “There Is No Meaning” Sculpture (Doi)
  11. Kassidy Lee., 12 “Urchin” Ceramics (Hamakawa)
  12. Tyler LK., 11 “Endless Spiral” Mixed Media (Tancinco)
  13. Zoe L., 8 “Cat-Tastrophy” Fiberarts (Franklin)
  14. Charlotte M., 8 “The Reef” Fiberarts (Franklin)
  15. Noah M., 10 “Gambit” Sculpture (Doi)
  16. Sofia N., 10 “REDACTED” Sculpture (Doi)
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