Physical Education Department


The philosophy of the University Laboratory School Physical Education department is to provide opportunities for students to learn and experience a wide range of activities and sports and understand the importance of physical activity and healthy nutritional choices in their lives.

We strive to promote the knowledge, skills and the desire to be physically educated.

A variety of activities are offered to appeal to the wide range of sizes, ages, skills, experiences, personalities and knowledge of our students. New, non-traditional and current trends are considered along with traditional activities.


Instructor: Kara Taniyama
Grade Level: 9

Students will examine many aspects of health including physical, mental, emotional, and social health issues. The goal of this course is to expose students to current issues concerning health through inquiry-based learning. Course content is presented through a series of lectures, research, open discussions, and hands on activities.

Instructor: Kara Taniyama
Grade Level: 9

The focus of the 9th grade physical education class is to explore traditional as well as non-traditional sports and activities. Students will demonstrate consistency in applying a variety of skills in increasingly dynamic and challenging situations. They will use technology to monitor their performance and the intensity of their participation and interpret their results.

Instructor: Katherine Bourne, Will Howard, Kara Taniyama
Grade Level: 6, 7, 8

The middle school physical education program supports physical education through exposure, participation and success in a wide range of fitness, team and individual sports, cooperative games, group activities and a weekly timed mile run. Journaling of personal fitness, daily pedometer readings,and personal goals are done to give students individual feedback towards progress and success.

Instructor: Katherine Bourne
Grade Level: 4, 5

The fourth and fifth grade physical education class will put an emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle and sportsmanship. We promote a healthy lifestyle by providing the knowledge, skills and direction to make physical activity an enjoyable and essential part of their lives. We strive to gain strength, agility, flexibility, hand eye coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. We use the combination of daily exercises such as weekly mile run, stretching, team sports, and individual activities.

Instructor: Katherine Bourne
Grade Level: 2, 3

In the second and third physical education class students will demonstrate successful movement forms at a basic level, and some forms at a mastery level.  They will apply movement concepts and principles to learning and developing of motor skills.  Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior as well as an understanding and respect for differences among their peers in a physical activity settings.

Instructor: Katherine Bourne
Grade Level: K, 1

In the kindergarten and first grade physical education class students will learn and find successes through practice, guided discovery, imitation, and creative exploration. The emphasis in K/1 Physical Education class is on fair-play, competence, self-confidence and the joy of movement. Students will experience and practice basic movement skills and apply them in a variety of games and activities.