ULS Governing Board

The purpose of the Governing Board of the University Laboratory School is to set policy and provide oversight for ULS in accordance with HRS, Chapter 302D. The Board ensures that ULS complies with the terms of the charter contract between the authorizer and the School, which pertain to and manage the financial, organizational, and academic viability of the school.

Board members have experience in (1) governance of non-profit organizations; (2) financial management and oversight; (3) academic affairs (K-12 and higher education); (4) curriculum development; (5) human resource management; (6) fundraising; (7) program evaluation and assessment; (8) external/media relations; (9) facilities planning and design; (10) legal affairs; and (11) events planning. In addition, most board members have an affiliation with the University Laboratory School as former employees, alumni, and/or parents of ULS students.

Members of the ULS Governing Board are responsible for ensuring that the school’s programs and operations are faithful to the terms of its charter and that the school is a viable operation.

Specific responsibilities include: (1) understand and support the mission, goals, and purpose of the University Laboratory School and its Governing Board; (2) appoint and evaluate the principal; (3) establish and ensure effective organizational planning and administrative structure; (4) manage resources effectively; (5) determine, monitor, and strengthen the school’s programs and services; (6) ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability; and (7) recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance.


Denise Yoshimori-Yamamoto, Chair

Everett Ohta, Vice-Chair

Tina Keane, Treasurer

Edward Aquino Secretary

Saori Doi

Aron Dote

Melvina Nakao

Preet Nijjar

Travis Palmeira

Ishita Shah

Miki Tomita

Karyn Yoshioka

A. Keoni Jeremiah, Principal (ex-officio)