ULS Learning Opportunities

ULS Enrichment Activities

Students and parents can access ULS teacher created enrichment activities by clicking on the appropriate grade level. Although these activities are optional for students, we highly encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to continue their education. If students and parents have questions on any of the activities listed, they can contact the teacher directly through Google classroom or email.

Resources for Enrichment Learning

Here is a list of online resources compiled for students and parents to explore different web based educational programs. Most of these websites are free to students and parents due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Brainpop– Free access to educational movies, games, quizzes, activities, and more (Gr K-12)
  • Scholastic Learn from Home-Free articles on different subjects with enrichment activities (Gr K-9)
  • Scholastic Parent Resources-Free activities, videos, and interactives for children (Gr K-9)
  • NOVA STEMFree mini science lessons with videos and discussion question activities (Gr 4-12)
  • NOVA STEM Education-Free access to NOVA’s STEM videos and activities (Gr K-12)
  • PBS Learning Media-Free lessons with videos, interactives, and more for different subject areas (Gr K-12)
  • TED-Ed Learning Videos-Free videos and interactives on a variety of subjects (Gr K-12)
  • Google Art and Culture-Free resource for art–includes virtual museum tours and art collections (Gr K-12)
  • Mystery Science-Free science lessons with videos, interactives and more (Gr K-5)
  • GoNoodle-Free videos and interactives for physical exercise and SEL (Gr K-8)
  • Storyline Online-Free read aloud videos of different books (Gr K-5)
  • Wonderpolis– Free resources with videos and activities (Gr K-12)
  • TIMESforkids– Free access to TIMES kids magazines and resources (Gr K-6)
  • SmithsonianOpenAccess-Free resources to the Smithsonian Museum’s archives with interactives and activities (Gr 6-12)
  • Prodigy-Free math enrichment games (Gr 1-8)
  • CODE.ORG-Free activities for students to learn or practice coding (Gr K-12)
  • KHANacademy-Free lessons on multiple subject areas (Gr K-12)
  • Kids National Geographic-Free activities (Gr K-8)
  • Teoria: Music Theory-Free lessons to practice music reading (Gr. 6-8)
  • Random Acts of Kindness-Free social emotional learning activities for families (Gr K-5)
  • EdHelper-Free printable workbooks for math and English (Gr K-8)
  • EPICforkids-Free 30 day access to library of online books (Gr K-12)
  • Crayola-Free arts and crafts videos and activities (Gr K-12)
  • Teacher Created Materials-Free digital copies of lessons/activities on a variety of subjects (Gr K-8)
  • Theme Park Professor-Free virtual field trips (Gr K-12)
  • Hand2Mind-Free downloads of home school schedule and worksheets for math, STEM and English (Gr K-5)
  • Smithsonian Channel-Free access to Smithsonian’s TV series “Aerial America” (Gr K-12) 
  • Diane Alber-Author of social emotional learning books provides digital downloads of SEL lessons/activities (Gr K-8)
  • Typing Club – Good for practice typing, accuracy and speed (K-12)
  • Stories by Audible – Free audio books for all ages (K-12)
  • Learn@home with YouTube (Collection of GREAT youtube learning resources K-12)