Welcome To The 2020-2021 School Year!

Aloha ULS Students!
The ULS Administration welcomes our students to school! Wow! Things are different and confusing but this is our new school year, starting off via distance learning and we’ll make sure that every student will adjust to the this new way of “going” to school!

Our Jr. Bow ‘ohana welcomes many brand new students to our family: Kindergarten-10, 1st-2, 2nd-1, 3rd-1, 6th-48, 7th-4, 8th-6, 9th-8, 10th-1, 11th-1 and 12th-1. Our returning students, please show your Jr. Bow aloha to your new classmates.

We also welcome several new faculty members who will be teaching grades 1-12 and our IT program! Students, please extend your Jr. Bow aloha to our new faculty!

All students shall read their emails at least 2 times a day, every day, as we will be sending out information to students to make them aware of any updates, news and other exciting things.

Your teachers will be sharing important info with you over the next few days and they will repeat the information. Read the syllabus from each class and share it with your parents. If you have questions, please ask and share it! Read the Handbook and return to school plan. Check PowerSchool.

We hope school on campus/in person will happen in due time, and when we do, we expect to have everyone follow the health and safety protocols that has been outlined in our Return to School plan. We will have on face masks, practice social/physical distancing, wash hands very well, not share items, and all other behaviors that will ensure safety, sanitation, caution, caring and aloha. COVID-19 is not welcomed in our school, in our lives, our families, our community and world, so let us do the things that keep everyone healthy and safe!

Let’s have the best school year we can have! We appreciate everyone’s cooperation, patience, questions and being responsible.

Happy School Year!
ULS Administration

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