Happy New School Year 2021-2022!

It is so great to have EVERYONE back on campus to start the ULS 2021-2022 school year!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer doing some fun (but safe!) activities, made great memories and most of all, stayed healthy! We appreciated everyone’s support, cooperation and care as we returned to school in the spring, in smaller groups, but the best part, we returned and we were happy that we did!

Our goal and plan this year is to reaffirm and celebrate the greatness and importance of ULS, our students, faculty and families! We hope to continue to uplift and restore all of the wonderful things that makes ULS and our ‘ohana unique and wonderful. Let us all work together daily to live the Jr. Bow spirit with aloha and kindness, to keep safety and staying healthy as our priority and to always be a responsible, responsive, alert and truly caring family of learners, mentors, supporters and adventurers!

Our ULS family will work with heartfelt effort and accountability to follow the guidance outlined in our ULS Student-Parent Handbook. Please do your part and read and follow the safety protocols and rules of the school.

ULS reminders for students and families:
1-Complete your LumiSight Health Check daily before you arrive on the school campus. If you are sick, stay at home and call or email the school.

2-Follow the designated grade level drop-off/pick-up areas and times outlined in the Handbook.

3-Face masks are required once you enter the campus, in the classroom, walking on campus. Only time masks are not used is when eating or drinking. (No gaiter style masks allowed.)

4-Physical & social distancing of 3 feet at all times in all areas at school.

5-Keep personal sanitization and hygiene a priority (hand-washing with soap, use hand sanitizers, do not touch eyes, nose, mouth). Keep clean-stay safe!

6-Do not share personal items or food.

7-Before school, K-5 students will be escorted or directed to the assigned classroom.

8-Before school, grades 6 -12, remain and stay in your designated grade level area until classrooms open at 7:30am:
6th-MPB Courtyard-Outside of Room 101/FROG 1
7th-Bldg. 3 2nd floor (mauka side)
8th-Bldg. 3 2nd floor (makai side)
9th-MPB Courtyard/field
10th-FROG 2
11th-School Office Courtyard
12th-Senior Locker area

9-Follow all of the rules/directions on the signs posted at school.

10-After school, all students are to wait and be picked up on Metcalf Street area.

11-Do not walk in the Zone 1 parking area or the Parking Staging area. Use appropriate sidewalks and crosswalks.

12-All students are to leave campus directly after their dismissal time. Students are not allowed to stay after school unless you are in an authorized/supervised athletic or academic program.

Let’s do the right things at school that will keep everyone safe and happy and have an outstanding year!

ULS Administration

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