Welcome to the ULSMedia Group web page! We are a small group of photographers, filmmakers and animators, learning and working in our areas of interest, sometimes crossing the lines between disciplines
and collaborating on larger projects.

On this page you can view a small sample of our work and find links to our other content on the web.
For a more in-depth look at everyone in our crew and their work, check out our ULSMedia web site. To view all of our film and video projects and our photography reels, please visit our YouTube channel. You can also view more of our photography that is specific to the Lab School campus at our on-line, hyper-local visual journal, ULShoots.

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Faces of ULSMedia - 2012-2013

Our Photography

Even though we're a small group of photographers, we still manage to shoot a LOT of images (around 20,000 each year). This gallery is a very small sample of the styles of photography we do and some of the subjects we've turned our attention towards. There's a lot more on our ULSMedia web site, so please go check it out.

You can also check out our latest photography reels right here. Please watch in HD!:

The Gold Lining - ULShoots - Fall 2012 Photo Reel

Photography by the ULSMedia Group 2013.


The Daydream - Spring 2012 Photo Reel

Photography by the ULSMedia Group 2012.


Our Video/Film Work

We continue to work on our DSLR filmmaking tradition, learning about cinematography and telling stories through the medium of film/video. Below you can view a small sampling of our efforts. For a more complete catalog of our work, check out our YouTube channel. Please watch in HD!

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Project Pono: Environmental Stewardship and Service Learning Program

A ULSMedia Group feature documentary about the Project Pono elective class.


The Learning Landscape

Feature documentary about the Elementary students' Learning Landscape.


KCC Photo Shoot Fall 2012

Behind-the-scenes look at our first KCC Photo Shoot this year. Filmed and edited by Marcus Au and Shuhei Aoki.


Rainy Day Love - Official Music Video - HD

Filmed, directed and edited by Shuhei Aoki.



A ULSMedia Group film about the ULS Kimono Culture class.


Faces and Places - Positive Movement

Our photography reel for Fall 2011.



Faces of ULSMedia - 2011-2012

Faces of ULSMedia - 2010-2011

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