2013 ULS Fun Run

By  Makai G. and Baylee J.Posted Thursday, April 18, 2013

 2013 Fun Run 2 w800March 29, 2013- A mix of red, blue, and yellow raced around the track at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Students collected pledges for the annual University Laboratory School (ULS) Fun Run  fundraiser sponsored by the  Booster Club.  Bibs were handed out to the middle school and high school students as they ran around the track with their friends.  Meanwhile, the seniors enjoyed their time together with the elementary students on the football field.  “I had a lot of fun playing with my kindergartener. We basically ran around the cones and acted silly,” said senior, Skyler C.-M. “I thought that the color choice for the shirts were interesting as they were not our school colors,” said sophomore, Jason I.  “It is great to see the students of our school coming together during any sort of activity,” he added. When students finished their run they gathered on the bleachers to participate in raffle that included prizes such as Aloha Salads Gift Cards and free admission to the Bishop Museum.  The day came to an end as students and faculty flooded back onto the ULS campus, filling the sidewalks with laughter, color, and sweat.  Students were then ushered to the MPB (Multi Purpose Building) to cool down with tasty frozen treats.

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