2013 ULS Homecoming Event

By  Kayla C.  Posted Thursday, January 24, 2013

IMG 3124 r ps w800-700x466This year’s homecoming was packed with heart-stopping and thrilling back-to-back games from the University High School girls and boys varsity basketball teams. The events  also included an exciting alumni game featuring former University High School men’s basketball team members. Homecoming took place at Klum Gym, and was hosted by the University Laboratory School and our very own Booster Club. Countless members of the Booster Club came together to set up tables filled with delicious foods and sweet goodies.

Homecoming began with a spectacular win for the girls varsity team defeating the La Pietra Panthers, 63-34.  Kianalei M. played an outstanding game, scoring a season high of 22 points.  After a great win, the alumni got their spotlight on the basketball court including Principal Keoni Jeremiah. Many former graduates of the University Laboratory School participated in the game. Coaches and players alike got to competitively play against each other in front of a big crowd.



IMG 2538 r ps w800As the main event came closer, more students, family, and friends filled Klum Gym, eager to watch the University High School’s boys varsity team.  They were pumped up and suited with their game faces on, prepared to take on the Hanalani Royals from Mililani. When the clock hit 4:00 p.m., the game began with the fans seated and prepared for a game full of nonstop excitement. The Jr. Bows’ kicked off the game, scoring the first set of points, putting UHS ahead.  By the end of first quarter, the boys were in the lead against the Royals, 13-11.  The crowd remained intense, cheering and encouraging the boys every second IMG 2738 r ps w800-700x466of the game. With the help of the fans, the boys maintained a twelve point lead in the first half, 27-15. As the buzzer went off, students made their way to the front of the court ready to be entertained by the 2013 Homecoming Court. “Everything,” by Michael Buble played, as the court made their way onto the floor to perform their homecoming dance.

The audience was full of smiles while watching another great addition to the fun of ULS’s 2013 Homecoming event. After the half time performance, the crowd became apprehensive, waiting for the game to start again.  As the 2nd half started, fans of the University High School were eager to claim another victory.  The Royals, not prepared to lose, started to gain momentum and came back in the game. With only a couple minutes left in the fourth quarter Hanalani was up, 47-45. As a Royal shot a missed free throw, junior Anthony C. seized the rebound, managing to tie the game with only 1 second on the clock resulting in overtime. The  additional four minutes gave the University High boys a chance to claim their win. Unfortunately, the victory went to the Royals who seized a game and managed to win, 57-51. Although the University High boys weren’t able to take the win, they put up a good fight making this Homecoming a fun and memorable day.


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