This year our exchange program started with an opening ceremony consisting of speeches made by our Japanese speakers, Macy Y., Carley K., Kera M.-W., and Richard H.  The student's welcoming greetings were followed by a speech made by ULS Principal, Mr. Jeremiah, Sohseikan Principal, Mr. Okuda, and Nishi-Nippon Principal, Mr. Morita. After the introductions were made, our very own Mrs. Kelsey sang, ‘Aloha Oe’, while our Hula and Chant elective class, and Select Choir performed their routines.   Once the ceremony was over, our students engaged in one on one conversations with the students from both schools. Over this short period of time, the ULS students made new friends, learned about the Japanese culture, made origami, and played games such as cards and volleyball. Everyone grew closer and some even hoped to keep in touch in the future. Marking the end of the exchange, the students from both schools presented an outstanding performance with lots of energy and spirit.  Sohseikan performed our favorite dance called, "E sa sa," while our ULS students joined in.  The Nishi-Nippon boys amazed the high school students with a traditional Japanese summer dance called, "Yosakoi," while the audience cheered them on as they danced on stage.   The Japanese sister school visitation came to an end with the closing ceremony and exchanging gifts from both schools to symbolize our long lasting friendship for years to come.  We hope the students from Nishi-Nippon High School and Sohseikan High School enjoyed their experience as much as the students from ULS did. We look forward to share many more memories together in the future.



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