Captain Charles Moore Visits ULS

By  Nani T.  Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012

416794 10151064757891104 1253117294 nCaptain Charles Moore, author of “Plastic Ocean,” along with seafaring environmentalists joined our community in the ULS cafeteria to spread awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution in the ocean and its surrounding environments. Captain Moore and his team traveled through Tokyo, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand ending the Plastic Pollution Conservation-Pacific Rim Tour 2012” in Honolulu, Hawaii. Captain Moore presented the audience with marine debris samples and video clips of his findings taken from studies done on the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, an area of marine debris concentration in the North Pacific Ocean.

 Project Pono students, Brooke K. and Michelle A. contributed to the Plastic Pollution Conversation with their monthly event called Flash M.O.B. (Monthly Operation Beach Clean Up). Michelle explained, “We start by flash mobbing on the beach to attract more people and spread awareness about the harmful effects of marine debris.” Ms. Tomita, coordinator of the Project Pono elective class stated, “Plastic does not only affect animals, it affects the humans who consume those animals.”  She fears that the chemicals in the plastic may cause genetic mutations in animals and humans if chain ingestion continues. Captain Moore’s compelling presentation brought a better understanding of marine debris issues, and some ideas of creating our own eco-friendly community.



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