Admissions Policy


The University Laboratory School (ULS), also known as The Education Laboratory, is a public charter school that operates in partnership with the University of Hawaiʻi Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) under an agreement with its Local School Board.


The University Laboratory School serves as an experimental site for researching and developing innovations in teaching, learning, and assessment in grades K–12 while providing a high quality education for all its students. The school is a seedbed and experimental site for curriculum research and development and comprehensive school design. The school is also a site for demonstrating ULS–CRDG developed curricula and providing professional development for teachers. The school is integral to the work and mission of CRDG.


The school functions as a model for school design, providing a comprehensive academic program for all students in heterogeneous classes. To carry out its purposes, the school enrolls about 450 students, comprising a cross section of Hawai‘i’s diverse population, from kindergarten through grade twelve. Each year 10 students are admitted to kindergarten, and 46 students are admitted to grade 6. Applications are accepted for all grade levels, but openings are rare in grades other than kindergarten and 6.


Families are informed of the opportunity to seek enrollment in the school through announcements in the public media. The application period opens in mid-October and closes in mid-January. Application materials and timelines are available on the school Website(www.universitylaboratoryschool.org) or by calling the school admissions line (808- 956-4977).


Students are selected to create a student body, evenly distributed by gender that reflects the ethnic distribution of Hawai‘i and includes a broad range of student academic achievement and family socioeconomic levels. To meet these requirements, students are selected from the applicant pool by lottery. Further criteria are that parents must be willing to have their children participate in the research and development activities of ULS–CRDG and students must be willing participants.


Families are notified of their children’s admission status by mid-March. Parents are required to attend an orientation so they fully understand the expectations and opportunities for their child at ULS. The vision of the University Laboratory School is that “all students graduate ready for college, work, and responsible citizenship.”


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution

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