E.J. was part of the group of 19 students who were accepted to participate in this exclusive opportunity.  He joined the program because he thought it would be a great challenge to experience what engineers face everyday. “I learned a lot about the engineering world, and met people that I could be working with or for in the future,” he commented. E.J. reported meeting guest speakers from prominent engineering firms and attended various field trips and workshops.


He also worked in an environmental engineering laboratory, and concluded the program with a presentation of his project.  “I considered the hands-on experience as being the most important part of the program for me,” said E.J.  He added, “on top of all of that, you get a nice recommendation letter.” This program gave E.J. a chance to experience one of his career choices amongst those who share the same interests as him. “Pursuing a career that deals with science and math is worth it,” he said. The Summer High School Internship Program that allows for participants to experience engineering opens its admissions office every summer for those who have an interest in the engineering field.  For those who are accepted, E.J offers two simple words of advice: “Work hard.”


For more information about the program, please click on the following link: http://www.hawaii.edu/news/2012/07/25/hands-on-engineering-for-high-school-students/ 


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