On the trip, Chris reported meeting the youngest girl ever to attend the event who is now 16- years- old, and works as one of the leaders for groups of trainees. “I felt special, like I was one of the big adults trying to make a difference,” said Chris while reflecting upon being the youngest participant in the NACRLC.


“I really enjoyed the speech Al Gore gave,” he added.  He sat alongside prominent individuals at the rally, but felt that he was able to keep up with the information being presented. Chris came out of the event with the skills to help spread awareness about environmental issues in Hawaii through public presentations and events.


c pascua photoHe mentioned that he was aware of the issues the planet had before he attended the NACRLC program, but since the rally, he has realized the extent of these dilemmas.  He now thinks that the problems are in need of  much more recognition than he origainally anticipated. Chris’s experience goes to show that we all have the ability to make a difference in the world.

Click here to watch the full interview with Chris P.


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